We have come to love our diverse outreach ministry! God has opened so many doors and we are praying regularly for him to open even more. Here are just a few of the areas of ministry we are involved in currently;

niknjohnBiker Ministry is near and dear to us both. We actually met in Daytona Beach at a Bike Week event! Nicole sang at the HLF biker church tent and John had traveled down with a friend to minister at the tent that week. WHO KNEW?

We had to sell our bike a couple years ago to pay the bills but we hope to back in the saddle again soon.

johnnnicoleChurch Services are always fun and provide reciprocal blessings. We love to see God’s people blessed with a new song of praise and worship or a song that meets a listener in that dark, deep place no one else is aware of. We’ve seen God do some amazing things in churches where we were singing and preaching. As much as we love the streets, churches always warm our souls.

nursing homeWe lead a worship service at The Oaks of Brevard, NC on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. This is an outreach of Selica Community Worship Center which is our Church Family. When Selica started this outreach it was planned to be every other week. Immediately we saw the great hunger for Jesus here and it became overwhelmingly evident that we should move our Wednesday evening services here. That has proved to be blessed by God. We are amazed every week at how the Holy Spirit moves in this dining room! We encourage you to come by and be our guest.


john preachingWe have experienced something powerful through this ministry to our elderly community. We’ve seen captive minds set free and a renewed spirit of joy return to these wonderful people’s lives. It is such an honor and privilege to come and share this time with these people. It is something we look forward to all week!

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