Here it is Summer and as usual we’re staying so busy we forget to keep our website viewers updated on what all is going on with the ministry.

Nicole and I have surely been blessed lately with so many opportunities to reach the lost in places all over.

We’ve been invited to start ministry at Asheville’s Salvation Army Emergency Center. That has proven to be an amazing lace with wonderful people who welcomed us in like old friends. We hope to be serving there on a regular rotation very soon.

Our friend Tim Turner is still going strong with Harvest at the Field revival. We’re meeting with about 50 or so young men and women in Pisgah Forest every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday evening. Tim brings the kids from the Job Corps down and many of them are finding Jesus as Savior through Tim’s efforts.

Our friend Evangelist Paul Propokov, Missionary from Russia is always busy and inviting us to participate with his spirit-filled events. This past Saturday we were with Paul in Asheville’s Pritchard Park for a praise event. There was a wonderful band there leading praise and worship. The park was almost at capacity the whole afternoon. I wish I could remember the church band that was there to give them some recognition but my memory fails me.

It’s been over 3 years now and we are still bring a church service to the rest home every Wednesday evening at 6:30. The rest home is one of our most fun & fulfilling outreaches. These sweet folks (and a few grumpy ones) really enjoy their time with the Lord. We really enjoy getting to be a part of their special night.

We’re still filling in for Pastors who need a break as well. This coming Sunday we’ll be back in Clyde, NC with our friends at His Church. Can hardly wait for that. We always have the best time there. It is kind of like a family reunion.

DAYTONA!!!!! – We have officially begun preparations for our annual Daytona trip for Biketoberfest. Since Nicole and I met in Daytona, we always love coming back together. Last year we went in as Hurrican Matthew was making landfall. Who know what adventures God has in store for us this year.


This morning as I was guzzling coffee and trying to recover from a tough weekend of ministry travels, I was reminded of a Television program that I used to watch. It was sometimes funny, sometimes bazaar but almost always sad at some point. The show was called HOARDERS and it featured people whose lives and homes were overrun with things they had accumulated over the years. Sometimes it was valuables, often times trinkets or toys and maybe just garbage and completely worthless.

As I thought about my weekend with my beautiful Wife and some of our closest ministry friends, I thought about how these events are showing more of a shift in the ratio between target audience and ministry personnel there to reach the lost.

I can remember a time when you’d see 70 or 80 percent  of the church coming out for a day of street ministry or community event. Now you see a handful of folks going out. Why is that?

Like the TV Show, we’ve become HOARDERS OF THE GOSPEL. Think about it. God richly blesses our lives. We have his love, mercy, grace & compassion in abundance yet we refuse to give any of it away to our fellow suffering neighbors. We just hoard it up and relish in it for ourselves. So there it is, just piling up all around us. We know we’re lazy. We know our hoarding is a problem but we still head straight out of the church to the buffet and right back home to sit in our heaps of glory without even a thought of sharing what we’ve been given with another. What’s sad about this truth is that all this costs us nothing. God freely gives this through Jesus Christ alone. He gives to us so we can share the gift with those around us. Whatever we give, he will restore but we continue to hoard.

In the TV show, there are others who come in and intervene in the situation. It is always difficult for the hoarder to let go of their treasure but it is necessary.

Once the clutter is out of the way, the hoarder almost always feels a relief and freedom that they didn’t realize they needed. You can feel that way about your spiritual life! Right now your spiritual life might be limited to church attendance. Although that is great, church attendance is meant for you to be equipped for a greater purpose outside the confines of the church. What you’re essentially doing is going into the storehouse once or twice a week, loading up for distribution but bringing it home and dropping it off. It’s piling up. All that was meant to share is getting stale and moldy and turning into spiritual baggage for you. RELEASE IT! Take that and turn it out on your community then see what happens.

Now I’m almost 100% certain that last thought was met with more than a few gasps from the church folk. If you don’t think what we receive at church can get stagnant or stale, I want to introduce you to a new dynamic of ministry that you may not have discovered yet (speaking to you gaspers). I like to think of what my church equips me with as “almost done”. You might say it’s a cake ready to bake. All the ingredients have been mixed and there they sit in the pan but until you bake that cake, it’s just a pool of gooey batter. The oven is out in the streets where it’s hot. As you take that pan out there and start loving God’s people where they’re at, you notice the batter start to change into something a whole lot better than what you left church with. Inside it was edification, instruction, education. Outside it become application and confirmation. You start seeing yourself as an effective part of the body of Christ rather than a wart or skin-tag (you’re there-we can see you there, but not really serving any purpose in the Kingdom). 

We have accepted a dwindling vision of what God has planned for our lives. We’ve lost focus and have begun to think this is about us. It was never about us! It has always been about Jesus reconciling us to God; redeeming us. He does that. We don’t do that. He also expects us to share that with those who don’t know yet. If we don’t at least do that much, we’re just wasting our lives navigating a pile of spiritual baggage we were never meant to posses. It’s time we started giving it away so what we receive and carry is always fresh and fragrant for us as well as those we share it with. What if you always had a nice fresh slice of cake ready for a hungry soul instead of that hunk of dried up, cracked, leathery cake batter you’ve been piling up on your kitchen counter for years? There’s us something to think about.

God bless you all to grow and be closer today than you were yesterday to looking more like Jesus to the world around you.

John & Nicole

Soft Targets

I don’t know why it is, but when you see religious fights and disputes out in the open, they are usually between fellow believers; our own Brothers & Sisters in Christ.

Being an Evangelist called to the streets, I see a lot of things out there. One thing I don’t see enough of is the church getting outside their walls to impact this world for Jesus. We sit in our comfortable pews hidden behind our stained glass windows and listen to moving sermons about how this evil world is attacking Christianity and robbing the church of a generation of youth coming up.

After sitting in those plush pews nodding our heads for an hour, maybe even shouting a hearty AMEN every now and then we get right up and race out the door to fill our guts with fried chicken and biscuits without giving a second thought to how to counter the attacks on Christianity we just heard about at church. An so we go about another week having paid our penance by gracing the church with our presence through another 2 hour sacrifice.

Throughout our week we are confronted at work, at the market, at the gas station, the abortion mill, and everywhere else we go with worldly offenses and we look away and do NOTHING. We don’t reach out to sinners. We don’t offer to help them find their way out. We ignore their suffering and self-destructive practices because “that’s their business” or “they know where the church is at”. Metaphorically, we just pat the lost on the back, take their hand and walk them right into hell without so much as a warning or guiding conversation. That would be like a Christian going to an abortion clinic and instead of pleading with an expectant Mother to not kill her baby but protest the people outside for their choice of sign or message. All you’ve done is attack someone for how they combat an evil practice while failing miserably to warn the ones there who needed you most. Sure you were a kind and loving Christian compared to the radical one outside who may not be a Christian at all, but the truth is a Mother had a baby killed while you offered no help or alternative. That’s no better than going to a bar and sitting with an alcoholic, listening to him cry in his whisky and never offering to tell him how you overcame addiction. We refuse to show the world the way out because we are more interested in making sure we are liked. We’d rather be given the thumbs up for being accepting today rather than wait for the gratitude that comes from the redeemed who reflect on the one who loved them enough in their darkness to show them the way out. Why? Because modern Christianity says we are just supposed to love them. They take it wrong when we offer them guidance and say we’re judging them. That’s a cop-out for lazy, timid Christians who aren’t really ready for the battle this world brings to us each and every day. We want the medal without running the race. I hate to burst your bubbles but biblical Christianity doesn’t give out participation trophies. You’re either in or you’re out. When you’re doing it right, you’ll more than likely be persecuted than beloved by sinners. Matthew 24:9-13 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. 10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved.  

The funny thing though is when we see a fellow believer doing something that doesn’t perfectly align with our beliefs or methods, we are very quick to dish out heaping piles of protest & correction as loudly and visibly as we possibly can. Never mind all that “it’s their business” nonsense. That only applies when you are confronted with someone who might offer resistance, engage you or maybe even attempt to silence you with force. These Christians are meek and will likely just back down so that gives you a great opportunity to show how active you are as a Christian and how much you adhere to religious justice. You’re such a committed Christian you’ll fight your family over it so we best watch out!

Pen Gillette is a pretty well known Atheist. He once made a simple cell-phone video telling about a man who was in the audience during one of his performances. He told about the man waiting until meet-n-greets after the show to kindly share the gospel with him and give him a bible that he accepted. Pen said something to the effect of, “You know, that guy didn’t convince me. I’m still a non-believer. But there was something genuine about that man that I can’t forget and although I didn’t agree with him, I admire and respect him for his effort in coming to my show and waiting until he had the opportunity to kindly share his faith. Not many will do that. If you believe what this guy shared with me, you should be out telling people. It is important that you do that”.

A few years back a group of us were set up in Downtown Asheville, NC doing ministry where many witches & homosexuals were attending an event. We were feeding them, loving on them, and telling them about Jesus’ grace and mercy. There was no mistaking who we were and what we were preaching but we were coming with the compassion & love of Jesus without compromising truth. The witches & homosexuals offered little to no resistance and many thanked us for reaching out the them in love. HOWEVER, there was a local church who bused their people in to march and wave signs protesting US for being there among the world and ministering to them. Their idea was that we should not be there. We should just let them burn and save ourselves. It was embarrassing to say the least but just goes to show how quickly the church will turn on its own and remain insulated from reality and the evils in this world. It’s no wonder society is in the condition it is in. That day we saw lots of tears from those we were there to lead to the cross. They were crying and hurt by the nasty side of the church. That church did much harm that day. They reinforced the wall of criticism & judgement that doesn’t convict but blocks sinners from coming to repentance. We know because that particular day, our ministry street team were also targets of their hatred. It was a sad day but love prevailed as we continued to serve and teach these folks of a better way through Jesus.

I think the message I want to convey in all this is one a lot of us need to hear. We hear a lot of talk from day to day about millennials, cry-babies, snowflakes, whiners, entitlement-generation, and so on. I believe that same issue is infecting churches in America. No one likes biblical teaching anymore. Churches all over are catering to the gospel of love & tolerance but cover up the gospel of salvation which includes repentance. We’re no longer being equipped and sent but now we’re just invited and recruited. We are adopting policies that fill seats rather than impacts the world for Christ. It is time we man-up to fight instead of debate. The world outside our church buildings are a war zone and we’re too busy critiquing ourselves to join the fight for souls.  We’re too focused on showing how cool we are as Christians that you can hardly tell us from the world. All the while sitting next to a sinner in desperate need of help but being too timid to show him the way. That is nothing to be proud of. If you sit among sinners in silence and walk away, you’ve squandered the opportunity God has blessed you with. What if their eternity depended on you doing the right thing instead of hitting soft targets trying to look good to the ones you’re called to rescue?

How to avoid making Christians appear legalistic & unintelligent to the world.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d rather reason with a devout Atheist than try and reason with a self-righteous, religious, legalistic man who thinks too highly of himself.

The legalistic backlash leading up to the movie The Shack has already begun. Never mind that the book is an allegory telling a story of God going out of his way to bring an individual broken by tragedy closer to him, repair him, restore him and then reveal himself for the loving Father he is. Never mind that millions of people read and love the book and testify how it either introduced them to thoughts of God and higher things or brought them closer to God and gave a better understanding of his deep love for us. The film must be boycotted because it depicts God as persons. One highly vocal critic had a particular issue with that person being a black woman. Maybe it would have been ok if George Burns were alive to play the part. I am not sure where he finally ended on that debate.

Anyway, irrespective of how you feel about the book or the movie (I neither recommend or condemn it) PLEASE consider how you make Christians appear to everyone else when you spread the legalistic viewpoints of those who don’t feel Christians have the mental capacity to distinguish their bibles from fiction novels or movies. I am so tired of being embarrassed by these ridiculous arguments. Their result is always the same, people and relationships are damaged as well as reputations. Don’t invite that upon yourself. If your God is afraid of a movie or a book, your idea of him is much too small. My God is above all and can use anything for his purpose. If you are studying your theology, I suggest you put down the fiction novels and get into the bible. If your motive is entertainment, see a movie or read a book and try not to stress out over it. Life is too short for all that.

We all need to follow God to the best of our ability, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us and not the rigid prodding from men. If he tells you not to see the movie, by all means avoid it. Just consider he may not have us all within the same boundaries so it isn’t our duty to round everyone up and herd them into the same fence.

Do you really care about others?

It seems like today you can’t get through the day without either witnessing or being involved in someone’s argument about how we should be taking in refugees and caring for them. On one side of the argument, it is the only moral choice and we should gladly accept these refugees regardless of the obvious dangers. On the other side of the argument taking in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees poses a serious risk to our Nation’s safety.

Both sides have very valid points to consider & I hope before we jump into an argument we have taken the time to consider these points.

I have one question for both sides; Asside from the issue of Refugees, what are YOU doing to aid in the plight of the millions of Americans already here that need your help? Think about that. Right now we have millions of Americans living in extreme poverty. They are malnourished, cold, hungry, maybe even homeless. When is the last time you cried out for them and demanded they be helped or helped them yourself?

I’m not against Refugees but I do feel we have our own crisis to deal with and it is largely being ignored and I know why that is. Many will not like this observation but it is what I see as a minister who spends a lot of time in the streets dealing with these issues.

We are a nation of do-littles that think the Government is the answer to all the problems of the world. It is a lot easier to pay our taxes and expect the Government to cure the world with our tax deductions. That is the same logic that works a Pastor to death and when asked to serve responds “That’s what we pay the Preacher to do”. It’s the same logic that  gives you that feeling of great accomplishment when you slip that dollar bill to the panhandler through the tiny crack in your car window rather than asking them to get in so you can take them to a restaurant and spend some time with them while feeding them. The truth is, we don’t care as much as we try to convince ourselves. We want people to be taken care of as long as we aren’t inconvenienced in the process. “I pay my taxes, let the Government handle it. That’s what I pay taxes for”. 

So, as much as it hurts, if you agree with my observation you may be asking where we go from here. I don’t think it is a great feat to take the next step. What we need is to delegate less and do more. I had a co-volunteer once who absolutely believed he had a gift of delegation! He would come up with seemingly endless things that others could do to help people. The trouble is all the rest of us were getting burnt out from all the hard work and this fellow never got his hands dirty himself yet he took great pride in all that we had accomplished. If we’re not careful, we can be that same way. It has become the American way to be as loud as we can be and as visible as possible while demanding someone else take care of the problem-of-the-day hot topic. What if we made less noise and took more personal responsibility for taking on these problems? That’s the way it used to be in America. You know, back before welfare and silencing our Churches. Back then the church was the safety net and was very effective because we also believed in doing our best even if we fell short.

Just my thoughts. It has little to do with Refugees and all to do with real compassion for all people. We have plenty of needs right here, right now without importing those their own neighbors won’t take in. Let’s get to work on those issues first. We can do it. We just need to correct our plan of action just a little bit.

Martin Luther Reformation Anniversary Conference

I can hardly believe we are down to just 3 days to the Martin Luther Anniversary Conference in Asheville, NC.

Nicole and I are extremely honored to be invited to speak and worship at this International event.

We are so excited to be a part of this and can hardly wait to see what God has in store for all the attendees. This will be a great time of celebration, motivation, praise & worship. Above all else, we are praying that God be glorified in all that is said and done here on Saturday evening.

Please be in prayer for us all. These conferences make us a little nervous. It is much different than the places where we usually minister.


mustang-in-garageHave you ever heard someone say, “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more that sitting in a garage makes you a car”? I’m sure we’ve all heard that one before. It is one of those things people who like to sleep in, shop or fish on Sundays say to justify their slackness. The truth is, although the statement at face value is true, it is irrelevant. Let me explain;

First, Christians aren’t “made” by attending church any more than cars are “made” by being in a garage. Both are in their respective locations because of what or who they are. To pursue that original argument, someone needs to convince me that cars shouldn’t be in the garage. Start arguing that and one simply exposes how desperate they are for justification. That’s why they take the “doesn’t make” approach.

The reality is, cars belong in the garage and Christians belong in church. “What about my 4 cylinder mustang”? It’s a car, right? Yes, it belongs in the garage. Maybe it isn’t the most powerful car on the road but it has potential! In your garage are lots of tools, a jack, maybe some really cool things you can use to improve the performance and durability of that pony but it will take some effort. One thing I can tell you is it wont happen parked at the lake while you’re fishing. It won’t happen down at the bar while you’re throwing a few back with the guys from work. It won’t even happen at the mall while shopping with your girlfriends. Your weak little mustang is only going to liven-up with a little work and an investment in time and energy to make some changes. This happenes where? You guessed it; IN THE GARAGE.

It’s the same with being a Christian. Billy Graham didn’t start out as the Billy Graham we know. He hasn’t always had the reputation and speaking power we know him for. NO! Billy Graham started out as a brand new baby Christian just like you and I. Of course now that we are so much older and wiser, we like to call those brand new baby Christians by other names. We like to call them hypocrites or other things that make us feel more justified in staying away from them and going fishing instead!

Let’s just go ahead and get right to the point with this so not to drag it along. Just like the little mustang belongs in the garage, Christians belong in church. We’re not going to make any significant improvement if we are not in church. The church to a Christian is what a speed shop is to a car! Do you want to go all through your Christian life as the 4-cylinder model with rusty fenders, torn seats and a transmission that doesn’t go past 2nd gear or do you want to invest a little time and effort to improve your performance and maybe even finish this race we’re in? THAT IS WHAT CHURCH helps you do! Get it?

Hey, I have even better news for you! Here it is; Everything I’ve talked about up to now is all about you. wasn’t that nice? Here’s the good stuff though, God himself has a position for you IN CHURCH. Now it may not be as a member of the staff or anything like that but if you put in some time and effort to improve yourself you’ll find that it wasn’t even as much about you as you thought way back when you felt like you didn’t need to be in church. You’ll discover that God has a place for you to help others improve. Sometimes a day at church might feel like a day at the race track or in a garage with everyone working as a team helping each other get every horsepower they can.

I’m totally convinced that regardlesss of what our ministry may be, a healthy ministry includes service and attendance at a local church. If you are not attending, you are holding yourself back and making yourself only partially available for God to use as he wishes.

I pray that whomever reads this devotion would get over it if I have stepped on your toes and accept the truth in it for your own benefit. God has plans for you and I don’t want you to miss it. Someone else may be depending on you for their next step at the altar. Don’t be off fishing and miss it.

Love & Respect – John

God is blessing us again. Let’s not blow it!

I realize this blog is risky considering I have beloved friends on both sides of this campaign. I love you all and respect your views, opinions & vote regardless if we agree or not. I write this post from a single perspective; that of the Christian Evangelist.

This election held dire consequences to Evangelists in this country. Hillary Clinton has done little to hide her plans against Christianity in the United states. I fully believe if she were elected last night, she would have unleashed an all-out assault on Christianity from day one.

I am grateful for all of you who have been praying, seeking God’s guidance and pleading that he protect us in this election and give us another chance to turn to him. It appears he has heard our prayers and protected us from our greatest enemy, at least for now.

I am reaching out to all fellow believers to rise up and not squander the opportunity God has given us. For decades we have become lazy and allowed Satan to take over our Nation and infect our Government and even our churches. It is time we get off the couch and back into the streets to take back what the enemy has stolen while we weren’t watching. I’m leading with you friends. Make this chance we have been given count or next time we may not be so blessed.



We’re sorry Brevard. We did our best…

rappersSaturday has come and gone and I can only imagine the disappointed folks that came out to find only an empty lot where there was supposed to be a community outreach.

For all of you I talked to on Saturday morning while I was setting up for the event, you know we were there working hard. To the church Trustee I talked to on Saturday, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I believe you care about your community and in the words of your church’s mission statement regarding unity in the body of Christ. Like you, I too hoped that we could build on this day to bring greater things to our communities together.

I’ve had a few folks since ask me, “why were you trying to minister down there anyway?” I know what they were implying, and to be honest, as Christians we should be way above that thinking now that we’ve been set free. If I need to give a reason to be there I guess it is this; When I was a much younger man I used to do other things in that same area. We’d drink, fight, do drugs and all other kinds of foolishness. Now that I’ve come to live for Jesus, I want to see him glorified in the places where we used to live for Satan. I suppose that’s one reason why I have a love for this area. If folks think I may be the wrong color to love that neighborhood, I pray God give you revelation on that.

I just want all you who were disappointed to know that we did not quit on you. We were there and we were moving forward to have a great day with you all just sharing the love of Jesus. According the the Brevard City Police, a certain Pastor ordered us to stop ministry, leave or be arrested. We’re sorry Pastor’s heart is as such but we can’t change a man’s heart. Only Jesus can do that. We’ve forgiven and moved on to have a great day elsewhere. I am grateful for those of you who were able to make it out to be with us regardless of how difficult it was made to be.

Pastor’s church whom I will not name here has their Church Covenant posted publicly so others can read and understand the high standard they hold for themselves. I realize Pastor hasn’t been there a great deal of time, but I wonder if he has bothered to at least study these words before making his decisions to prohibit children from being fed or the Gospel being preached on “his” block? Here’s their covenant. You judge for yourself if Pastor is walking the walk or just giving lip service;

  • We will seek understanding and resolution to any differences that might keep us from being united in our service to the Lord.
  • We will seek to recognize our roles in the Church and to collaborate with other congregations in the body of Christ to broaden our ability to minister throughout the world.
  • We will create a loving environment which affords the opportunity for us to teach, witness and counsel in ways that bring us all closer to Christ and add fullness to our lives.
  • We will approach the unapproachable, touch the untouchable and love the unlovable, meeting them where they are and helping them to move to where they need to be.
  • We will be good stewards of our finances, facilities and natural resources for they are blessings from God. We will not be wasteful and destructive but willing to share in the relief of people in need and to invest in the spreading of the gospel.
  • We will persistently study to learn God’s word so that the revelation of His Kingdom is affirmed in our lives and so that we may be obedient to His will.
  • We will stand on God’s Word and speak out against injustice.

I pray you all be blessed and look for us again in the area. Remember, We love you. Jesus loves you, and there isn’t anything you can do about it!

Rev. John Galloway


BREVARD Rock the Block November 5th!

free food, games, cotton candy, live music saturday november 5th from noon until 5pm. Don't miss this event! BRING YOUR CHAIR and enjoy the day with us. EVERYTHING IS FREE! It may be gwincardetting colder but we have time for one more street team event this year. We’re going to do this one right here in our home town of Brevard, NC & hope you can come out and join us for a fun day of food, fun, games, LIVE MUSIC & of course lots of JESUS all around for everybody.

Nicole and  I have been planning something simpler for a while but since we have some very amazing friends who are going to come from places like Gaffney, Greenville & Spartanburg to help us with some amazing music, we get to have a great block You know you don't want to miss big john's fried hot dogs! They so good you might want to get 2 or 3 but for goodness sakes, stop pushing the little old ladies down to get at 'em. We'll make plenty! LAWD HEPUS! Jesus need to forgive some gluttons up in here!party for our community.

We’re going to be setting up in a vacant lot at 21 Cashiers Valley Rd Brevard, NC 28712. This is directly across from what us locals call “THE CORNER” and also across from “SILVERSTEEN PLAYGROUND” so we have some good spots to hang out, bring your chairs, This little man done got himself a big fluffy wad of cotton candy and he don't look like he's gonna share it with anybody! Lord Jesus loves greedy little kids too. Don't worry. We got plenty of cotton candy for all you little rascals. and let your kids play. We’re gonna be frying up some hot dogs & stuff and spinning cotton candy all day. Yes, I said frying hot dogs. If you haven’t had my fried hot dogs, you don’t know what you’re missing. You’ll never eat Games are fun but prizes are AWSOME! Come out and play some games and who knows, you might win some valuable prizes like gift cards to your favorite stores. a boiled hot dog again. I guarantee it. Mmmmmmm. My lips are already smacking. 🙂

We will have all sorts of music playing. We will have live singers singing everything from your favorite hymns, to contemporary radio hits to the best Christian rap & R&B you ever heard. There will be music to please everyone for sure so if you don’t like what’s happening, wait 30 minutes and your favorite will be happening.

This first video is of my 2 very best friends in SC. Both are dedicated street preachers & have led countless people to the Lord through their knowledge of the Gospel & the message in their music. Their names are Edward “Mersy” Williams & Michael “Predestined” Anderson. I’ve worked with both of these men personally in the streets as well as developed a personal relationship with them and their beautiful wives. Nicole even sang recently with Mercy’s daughter Unique at an event in Greenville, SC!  I can personally recommend and endorse either of these Disciples for booking or to come and lead ministry at your event. I am proud to have them both come to my hometown and spend the day as part of the Street Crew. I love you Brothers & Can’t thank you enough!

One of my oldest friends in ministry & for sure someone Nicole and I are extremely excited to have in our home town sharing the love of Jesus with us through his wonderful music. Travis is such a talented musician as well as vocalist. You’re sure to love his blend of Southern Rock, Country & Blues sounds with a powerful message.

Nicole will be bringing a variety of favorites both solo and duets with Dana Galloway as well.

This next video featured the One Agenda Crew, some of who will be with us at Rock the Block!

Of course this event is sponsored by so that means if it aint about This is John & Real J praying for their brother to receive Jesus in the streets of Greenville, SC. Never too old to come to Jesus and that's the TRUTH! Jesus it was a waste of time. Have friends or family that you just can’t get through to? Bring them out. Know some folks who need Jesus in their lives but there is no way they are going to go to church? They’ll come here. The truth is they don’t just need to change their ways, they need a heart transplant to This is Nicole Galloway with her new friend also named Nicole after experiencing revival in Daytona Beach, FL under the Big Tent. Nicole lost her son at just 19 years of age to murder. We really enjoyed spending time with her change their life and find Jesus who can give them real power to overcome their demons that have them bound. These aren’t bad, evil people. These are lost people who haven’t found the way out yet. You may have been there. I was there. Nicole was there. Our friends coming from SC were there. We all found the way out and this event is about showing others what we have found in a way everybody can relate to and be involved in. This isn’t a religious event or a denomination event (this is a freedom in Jesus event). Pew people are welcome as are gutter people. If any churches want to come out and lend a hand to love on and pray for folks please come. I hope through the events of the day some see their way out of the darkness and I pray God has many there able to lead the way.

COME and be with us. Bring someone who needs to be

This man came to John so many times to be prayed for and brought others. He said, "I don't know what it is when you pray for me, but it is like electricity flows through my whole body and I can't get enough". No tricks here brother. That is the power of Jesus changing your life. HE LOVES YOU THAT MUCH! closer to Jesus. We’ll love them just like he loves them regardless of their situation. Jesus said to love one another and that is what we love to do. We’ll be at 21 Cashiers Valley Road on Saturday November 5th from 12 noon to 5pm. You can’t miss us. Bring your chair and let’s have a good time! Y’ALL BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME!