In The Street Ministries is Directed by Rev. John & Nicole Galloway of Brevard, North Carolina.

In The Street Ministries was formed in 2004 for the purpose of expanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the Church building and into the streets, tent camps, homeless shelters, under bridges or at Events such as Bike Rallies or Car Shows. Wherever the lost and hurting may be in need of love, compassion and most importantly, the good news that Jesus suffered and died so that we can have the opportunity to repent and be saved from our sins to have eternal life with him.

God has blessed each of us with our own special testimony and spiritual gifts  as well as a call to ministry that allows us to minister in various capacities and locations.

Our efforts to reach the lost is carried out through various outreach ministries.


Music is a powerful force. Music that tells of the wonders of our Lord and Savior has power like no other. The right music combined with anointed vocalists has remarkable power to both defeat evil as well as tenderly reach into a broken heart and minister in a special way. Anointed music and singing has the power to bring a person from a place of lifelong rebellion against God and to an altar of repentance and brokenness. A place where finally a sinner can see themselves for who they are and realize they need Jesus.

Yes, we love to minister with music any chance we get. Nicole is a powerfully anointed vocalist. Most of her ministry is solo work. However, we also sing with Servant’s call. Servant’s Call sings Southern Gospel music and is based in Danville, VA with founders Kim & Jeff Walker. We’ve traveled many miles with Servant’s Call and the experiences are always great.

If you’re having an event or service that requires music, we’d love to help.

PREACHING/TEACHING: John does the preaching & teaching for the ministry. Typically by invitation John will bring a solid Word wherever needed. God’s word is needed more than ever and John will share it in a parking lot, under a bridge, in a homeless shelter or in a beautiful sanctuary.

SOUND OF HOPE: Sound of Hope is a special program John & Nicole do at various places. The unique thing about Sound of Hope is that it alternates between music and spoken word. John may share a 5 minute message that introduces a song Nicole is a bout to sing. Through the program the viewer is shown the hope of salvation in Jesus. Each presentation is a little different depending on where we are and the audience. We can condense a program or extend a program. One program included about 12 messages and 16 songs. We’ve also done programs with 5 messages and songs. If you have an hour, we can deliver a solid program for your audience.

BIKER MINISTRY: We are all passionate about biker ministry. Nicole sings at various biker events & rallies as well as counsels women who need prayer, guidance & encouragement. John counsels, encourages and preaches whenever possible at various events and rallies. In fact, John and Nicole met in Daytona Beach, Fl at a bike rally! Nicole had been singing at the HLF church tent for about 10 years. John began coming with a close friend from HLF and ministered at that same tent.

PRAYER STOP: John & Nicole started the local Prayer Stop ministry through an evangelism & outreach class John taught at their local church. With a few graduates of the class, Prayer Stop has been a fruitful ministry offering prayer and counseling to folk in their community that visit the Prayer Stop kiosk around town.