God is blessing us again. Let’s not blow it!

I realize this blog is risky considering I have beloved friends on both sides of this campaign. I love you all and respect your views, opinions & vote regardless if we agree or not. I write this post from a single perspective; that of the Christian Evangelist.

This election held dire consequences to Evangelists in this country. Hillary Clinton has done little to hide her plans against Christianity in the United states. I fully believe if she were elected last night, she would have unleashed an all-out assault on Christianity from day one.

I am grateful for all of you who have been praying, seeking God’s guidance and pleading that he protect us in this election and give us another chance to turn to him. It appears he has heard our prayers and protected us from our greatest enemy, at least for now.

I am reaching out to all fellow believers to rise up and not squander the opportunity God has given us. For decades we have become lazy and allowed Satan to take over our Nation and infect our Government and even our churches. It is time we get off the couch and back into the streets to take back what the enemy has stolen while we weren’t watching. I’m leading with you friends. Make this chance we have been given count or next time we may not be so blessed.



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