BREVARD Rock the Block November 5th!

free food, games, cotton candy, live music saturday november 5th from noon until 5pm. Don't miss this event! BRING YOUR CHAIR and enjoy the day with us. EVERYTHING IS FREE! It may be gwincardetting colder but we have time for one more street team event this year. We’re going to do this one right here in our home town of Brevard, NC & hope you can come out and join us for a fun day of food, fun, games, LIVE MUSIC & of course lots of JESUS all around for everybody.

Nicole and  I have been planning something simpler for a while but since we have some very amazing friends who are going to come from places like Gaffney, Greenville & Spartanburg to help us with some amazing music, we get to have a great block You know you don't want to miss big john's fried hot dogs! They so good you might want to get 2 or 3 but for goodness sakes, stop pushing the little old ladies down to get at 'em. We'll make plenty! LAWD HEPUS! Jesus need to forgive some gluttons up in here!party for our community.

We’re going to be setting up in a vacant lot at 21 Cashiers Valley Rd Brevard, NC 28712. This is directly across from what us locals call “THE CORNER” and also across from “SILVERSTEEN PLAYGROUND” so we have some good spots to hang out, bring your chairs, This little man done got himself a big fluffy wad of cotton candy and he don't look like he's gonna share it with anybody! Lord Jesus loves greedy little kids too. Don't worry. We got plenty of cotton candy for all you little rascals. and let your kids play. We’re gonna be frying up some hot dogs & stuff and spinning cotton candy all day. Yes, I said frying hot dogs. If you haven’t had my fried hot dogs, you don’t know what you’re missing. You’ll never eat Games are fun but prizes are AWSOME! Come out and play some games and who knows, you might win some valuable prizes like gift cards to your favorite stores. a boiled hot dog again. I guarantee it. Mmmmmmm. My lips are already smacking. 🙂

We will have all sorts of music playing. We will have live singers singing everything from your favorite hymns, to contemporary radio hits to the best Christian rap & R&B you ever heard. There will be music to please everyone for sure so if you don’t like what’s happening, wait 30 minutes and your favorite will be happening.

This first video is of my 2 very best friends in SC. Both are dedicated street preachers & have led countless people to the Lord through their knowledge of the Gospel & the message in their music. Their names are Edward “Mersy” Williams & Michael “Predestined” Anderson. I’ve worked with both of these men personally in the streets as well as developed a personal relationship with them and their beautiful wives. Nicole even sang recently with Mercy’s daughter Unique at an event in Greenville, SC!  I can personally recommend and endorse either of these Disciples for booking or to come and lead ministry at your event. I am proud to have them both come to my hometown and spend the day as part of the Street Crew. I love you Brothers & Can’t thank you enough!

One of my oldest friends in ministry & for sure someone Nicole and I are extremely excited to have in our home town sharing the love of Jesus with us through his wonderful music. Travis is such a talented musician as well as vocalist. You’re sure to love his blend of Southern Rock, Country & Blues sounds with a powerful message.

Nicole will be bringing a variety of favorites both solo and duets with Dana Galloway as well.

This next video featured the One Agenda Crew, some of who will be with us at Rock the Block!

Of course this event is sponsored by so that means if it aint about This is John & Real J praying for their brother to receive Jesus in the streets of Greenville, SC. Never too old to come to Jesus and that's the TRUTH! Jesus it was a waste of time. Have friends or family that you just can’t get through to? Bring them out. Know some folks who need Jesus in their lives but there is no way they are going to go to church? They’ll come here. The truth is they don’t just need to change their ways, they need a heart transplant to This is Nicole Galloway with her new friend also named Nicole after experiencing revival in Daytona Beach, FL under the Big Tent. Nicole lost her son at just 19 years of age to murder. We really enjoyed spending time with her change their life and find Jesus who can give them real power to overcome their demons that have them bound. These aren’t bad, evil people. These are lost people who haven’t found the way out yet. You may have been there. I was there. Nicole was there. Our friends coming from SC were there. We all found the way out and this event is about showing others what we have found in a way everybody can relate to and be involved in. This isn’t a religious event or a denomination event (this is a freedom in Jesus event). Pew people are welcome as are gutter people. If any churches want to come out and lend a hand to love on and pray for folks please come. I hope through the events of the day some see their way out of the darkness and I pray God has many there able to lead the way.

COME and be with us. Bring someone who needs to be

This man came to John so many times to be prayed for and brought others. He said, "I don't know what it is when you pray for me, but it is like electricity flows through my whole body and I can't get enough". No tricks here brother. That is the power of Jesus changing your life. HE LOVES YOU THAT MUCH! closer to Jesus. We’ll love them just like he loves them regardless of their situation. Jesus said to love one another and that is what we love to do. We’ll be at 21 Cashiers Valley Road on Saturday November 5th from 12 noon to 5pm. You can’t miss us. Bring your chair and let’s have a good time! Y’ALL BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME!