johnnnicoleIt has only been a few days since we posted to announce our plans for Ministry at Biketoberfest Daytona this coming October. ¬†We’re so glad that so many of our friends are already praying for this mission. I can already feel a great power whenever I pray and plan for the trip. I am 100% convinced that what God showed us last year, as miraculous as it was, was only the beginning. I truly believe that God has a great move of his Spirit planned for this event. I am thrilled to be going and humbled that he would allow us to be a part of his amazing work there.

Some things have changed since I last reached out to you and I need to call on you with more specific needs that we want to make known. I firmly believe that God has already supplied all we will need to see this through. Sometimes all we need to do is make sure those he is speaking to know where the need is.

This year we are hoping to take all of the burden we can off the rest of the crew we rendezvous with in Daytona who have been hit hard lately with being in the hospital and missing a lot of work. I don’t know how much we can raise but I believe I personally have enough friends that understand enough about the eternal impact of what we do that we could easily meet the entire goal without a lot of individual sacrifice. If just my followers gave $25 we’d knock it out tonight! Here’s what we are shooting for; $2,000 by October 1st to completely cover all the legal and setup of the Daytona ministry. This will relieve the burden of things most people don’t even realize we have to deal with. City Permits, inspections, Porta-Johns, food to feed the people, Propane for cooking, etc. This doesn’t do anything to get the crew from NC to Daytona but it does take care of those burdens once they get there. I’d love to see us over shoot this so we can help them cover their travel expenses. The rig they drive gets 6MPG and hauls a lot of stuff. All I’ve told them is I would get all the help I could. They haven’t asked me for anything but prayer. I’m praying every day. Now I’m asking you to join us in praying and if you can, share what you can to be a part of this ministry. We’ve always manage to go when God said to go and I know we will all make it this year as well. I want to close with this; We’re also willing to do some fundraisers if anyone has any ideas. One of our friends at church is making shirts for sale to help us. Our Hot dog suppers before our monthly singings helps out. Last year our church raised 1/2 our expenses by selling hot dogs all summer! That was nice. If you have any questions at all you can message us here or on facebook.

If you want to mail a check simply notate “Daytona” in the memo and you can send it to

John & Nicole Galloway
PO Box 256
Rosman, NC 28772

Donating by credit card is so easy online right here on our web site. We have several options already set up for those who wish to support our ministry. One time gift in any amount or you can set up a recurring monthly gift if you like. You can find these links on our BOOKING & SUPPORT page near the bottom.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and especially for praying for our ministry & these new challenges. You are so important to all we do. God is so good to us.

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