The Oaks 08/19/2015

hazel playingLast night at The Oaks Nicole and I had the best time. Due to the dangerous driving conditions brought on by the storms and work schedules, Nicole Galloway and I had the service last night. With no piano player we were just going to sing without music. With a voice like Nicole’s, I’ve come to know that isn’t a problem.

Well, as we got started, things started happening. We were singing and having a good time. Then here comes Miss Hazel. She was having a bad night with her tremors but she wanted to play that old piano. Lord help me. She played until she was too tired then we helped her back into her wheelchair.

I read and spoke on Psalm 23 and to my surprise, there was much discussion. The whole room was involved. We talked about lots of things glorifying God, all he has done for us and how faithful he is to protect us and comfort us in our times of need. I began to feel like I was taking up too much time since I usually only speak for 10 or 15 minutes but then I realized, it aint me, it’s them! They are unified and this has turned into a bible study! I loved standing there with them so much.

We sang a few more songs until everyone was tired, including me. Thought I was going to have to borrow a wheelchair to get to the van. As we were closing down we talked with the residents as we normally do. Miss Hazel shared how her Daddy had hauled an old organ to Canton when she was just a little girl. He traded that organ for a piano which he brought home. Hazel taught herself to play on that old piano and had never had a single piano lesson. What she said next nearly made me lose my posture. Hazel looked up at us with those tremors getting more and more uncontrollable and pulled together a great big smile to say, “God’s not finished with me yet. I still have a purpose for being here”. Oh Lord it was so refreshing to hear that out of her own mouth. So many believe they are finished and of no use anymore. They feel that way because that is the value they are given. Think about it. These people are no longer in their homes with their families. They don’t cook or take care of scrapes or cuts. They don’t do laundry. Nobody asks them for anything and they seldom get visitors (most of them). Even if not on purpose they have been made to feel like a burden and useless. If God has done one thing through this ministry, he has shown these folks how truly valuable they are and how much he can still use them. Nicole and I never fail to let them know how much they are changing our own lives being there. God is using them in special ways and will continue to use them day by day even there.

Didn’t mean to get so wordy but had to testify about what is happening. God is so good. We are so blessed to be eye-witnesses of his awesomeness. Love y’all. Have a great Thursday. Pray for us. It’s our last long day. We have an extended work day tomorrow but not as bad as tonight. We need strength.


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