UPDATE 06-07-14

Seems like we’ve not been here in a while! We’ve been a little overwhelmed. please forgive us.

Since Drew passing in January, we’ve traveled very little. We’ve done a couple singings with Servant’s Call in Virginia.

Nicole and I have closed the Fireplace Store in Rutherfordton due to health battles.

We’ve moved back home to Brevard, NC to start new work and get the ministry established in the new location. It’s great to be home after over 20 years! Praise Jesus for his leading us home again.

We’re settled into a wonderful new church that is just like old family. Nicole is helping with the music program and I am helping with the sound tech stuff. Hopefully we’ll get the church online soon as well.

We’re discovering great new places to sing and preach/teach. I’ve had many opportunities to speak at our church and we’re making plans to hit the streets of Brevard very soon with some good singing and prayer stop action. Keep your eyes open and if you see us, stop and say hi!

That’s about it for now. I hope we’ll have lots of good reports in the near future.

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